BREXIT and TRUMPET like it or lump it!

The world has changed forever. Globalisation is now threatening the people and they are voting against bureaucracy, control and the money in their country going into the hands of a few.

Mr Trump's election has shone the spotlight right on an over controlled society. We are starting to see the media as an authority on all information. They give opinion on all matters right through to economics with the information age and mobile devices we are all connected to exactly what is happening at any moment. It is good and it is bad. Some people cannot put their device down for fear of not knowing what is going on. Mr Trump has pushed the media back and no doubt he will find a few reporters that "get" him and he will use them.

The public have voted with their feet, and at the polls that they want less control and more transparency. Brexit was the first, followed by Trumpet. John Key, possibly the most able statesman this country has ever had could see the writing on the wall. Remember Key is the most successful trader and once a trader always a trader. He came into politics when we were down, he has built the economy up again (with a lot of debt too); he has looked at the changing issues and anti-globalisation and the political issues in the US and realised his chances of success for another term were changing and given he is a trader, it was time to go. "Buy low, sell high". He also has "bigger fish to fry" and is probably looking at an international post.

Digging down a bit on what is making the public uneasy, it is clear that the majority feel they are lacking control of their lives. They feel that excess immigration is threatening their lifestyle. They feel that we have sold too much of our real estate to foreign interests. They feel uneasy with the few getting very rich as they feel poor. They feel all the health and safety regulations are an infringement on their rights and lives. They feel ripped off by very high charges levied by expensive professionals; eg: how long do they have to save to get a tooth crowned (for $1,200), or that Fletchers have got control of the building industry and supply chains (are we paying through the nose for all our building materials).

Farmers feel that Fonterra and the meat companies are not acting in their best interests and feel uneasy as a result. Then they feel the banking system and the law around their property rights are not fair either. ANZ apparently took NZ$1 billion profit out of the country last quarter as they continue to push high debt farmers to sell.

So, having put all that out there, what is going to happen? Always remember the wealthy are the minority and the poor are the majority. I think it is about 80:20 poor to rich. The public will vote for change and they have the majority remember. Their vote may not be logical or in the country's best interest, but vote they will in an anti-establishment way.

It may be the demise of the present government, even though it may not be in our nation's best interests. It is really a vote against globalisation and control and the shift in wealth away from majority.

We will see the borders close, protectionism come in and the world economy slow. Those countries with nothing to sell will falter. New Zealand as a net exporter of food and commodities should fare well but it could be a rough ride. So brace yourself. Tidy up your own financial position and get some available cash stored away.

Be prepared for protest and change!

Like it or lump it.


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