If life is not working - look at “The Man in the Mirror”

Before the recession, during the recession and no doubt after it passes, people will want to blame someone else. We say we want more time with the family, less stress, and so on. Just look in the mirror because the person you need to talk to is looking at you.

That person is the only one who can make the changes and the only one whom it will affect.

We men have health issues. We know something is not right. What do we do? We ignore the symptoms, and then we try to blow it out with more exercise. We need to look at "The Man in the Mirror" and realise he is the only one who can do anything about it. He is the person who has to call the doctor and take action.

I have talked a lot about stubbornness being a limiting factor of people in business. Stubbornness seems to be a common issue with business failure. Often refusing to face reality results in irreparable damage to their business. Then they blame everyone else, the banker, their wives, the weather, staff, the cows, the vet and the solicitor.

The only person who can make the changes necessary to get a better outcome is "The Man in the Mirror".

It is really difficult to look at ourselves and realise we are not functioning as well as we thought we were, or that we are missing the point, or not listening, or making bad decisions.

How we see everything and the world is our reality. We must be right? No. Not so. What we perceive and believe can often be well short of the reality of the situation. This is the number one misconception that we humans have in life.

So, if we want to make changes or improvements we need to talk to "The Man in the Mirror" as he is the only person who can make these life adjustments.

A phrase I like is "We don't know what we think until we hear what we say". In other words we need to verbalise our thoughts so we can understand what we think before the misconceptions crystallise in our mind and become our reality.

The first step is to find someone to talk to. The fact is you are not trying to find someone to talk to; you need to find someone who will actually listen actively and can hear what you are saying. Maybe, just maybe, we need to talk to "The Man in the Mirror" so we can hear what he is saying and get it.

This is all pretty radical thinking but is very true. I have recently been looking and talking to "The Man in My Mirror" and it helped me realise the number of things that I was choosing to ignore.


In summary, if life is not running too smoothly for you check to see if you are blaming and shaming and feeling frustrated, it might be time to look at "The Man in the Mirror". It may help you realise that it is he who needs to make some changes, and help you get a more balanced feel on yourself and those around you. If Michael Jackson can sing about it, surely we can also do something about it.


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