In some things there is no way back

Life is an interesting adventure. Farming life is even more interesting. Some things we do, we can actually go back and have another go, or get out of. There are many things that once done there is no way back.

I thought I might traverse some of the issues pertaining to agriculture and to life.

Sale and Purchase Agreements

Once you have signed a Sale and Purchase Agreement unconditionally, there is no way back. It's a very good reason to have it checked by your professionals and have finance approved in writing before declaring it unconditional.

Accidents on the farm

Accidents on the farm are another one. Once you have had an accident, broken a limb, or caused you serious injury there is no way back. You have to go to hospital, get patched up and wait for it to mend so hopefully you can get back to normal. Whatever normal is.


Bankruptcy is another. Once bankrupt there is no way back. Even though they are changing the bases of bankruptcy it is still very final. Many people think going bankrupt is an easy option because it writes off debt and stops the pressure, but it can be very difficult later in life.

Spending Money Wastefully

Once the money is spent on big ticket items you cannot actually go and ask for the money back. You are committed once you have paid over the money. You might be committed to hire purchase payments and if your circumstances change there is no way back. You cannot get a refund or send the machinery back.

Leaving Relationships or Marriages

This is pretty final too. Once a relationship is over and one party leaves there is no way back and so the fun starts.

Getting an early agreement for settlement comes highly recommended rather than allowing the solicitors to drag out a long difficult process which doesn't really change anything.

Heart Attacks

Heart attacks are another. We need to look after our health and avoid getting heart trouble. Once you have had an attack your life can change forever and there is no way back.

There is no way back the old healthy self being able to do what you used to do because a heart attack generally changes your life.

Sugar Diabetes

Sugar Diabetes is also another. Excess sugar, poor diet, lack of exercise and hereditary issues can give you diabetes. Once you have it there is no way back. An example here, which I found quite frightening, was an English engineer who transferred to the tropics on a job. His wife could not work so she stayed home and cooked plenty of yummy, sugary food to pass the time. He ate the food and drank Coke and other sugar drinks because he was thirsty on the job. He got diabetes and as he said, there was no way back.

I think life has some permanent full stops in it. We take a lot for granted and if we go too far we can find ourselves stuck.

Care with our health and our decision-making should give us more options and a way back.

The mind is a very powerful thing. It likes to go forward but it likes to be able to go back as well. Back to what it knows is familiar, back to certainty and back to logic.


In many things in life we are given a second chance. Often there is a way back to safety, security and familiarity. In some things there is no way back. Once done you are committed.

You are committed to a path or an action that you have to follow through. We need to realise in which things there is no way back. We need to set out a path in life that has due regard to the effects of our action, because in many things there is no way back.


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