Determination – do you have it, or are you a “wanna be”?

Determination is the gritty stuff that gets us up in the morning and gets us stuck into our tasks. Determination is what puts people on the moon and makes people win at the Olympics. When you look at the determination on the face of an athlete as they strive towards the line, you realize what is going on. The Evers-Swindell twins are a good example: you could see the grit and determination on their faces as they strove to win gold for New Zealand.

Tiger Woods is another good example. He has whole mind focus, backed by absolute determination to win. He imagines that the golf tee is just in front of him, the flight of his ball and how it lands on the green and his determined focus on that tee.

Somebody once said that a bunch of really determined people in a committee can move mountains and that is true too. So how does determination apply to farming? Are we determined to progress and achieve? Do we say "we will try", "we will give it our best", "give it a go"? Do we accept our lot and get stuck in and just do it?

All our top farmers are really determined people; you can see it in them; you can see the way they react with determination. They are determined to produce more, have better cows, buy the neighbour's farm, have a good property, have a good family, and so on.

In our schools, they are now accepting mediocrity; you don't have to win, it's not cool to win, try your best, that will do. But life is tough, it is not easy, we are and will all be subject to some awful things and difficulties in our life. It is not what happens to us, so much as how we react to the situation, the decisions we make and the processes that we put in place that will determine whether we survive or sink. It is the determination to get through that will keep us going. It is the grit and determination that counts, not so much the decisions that we make.

When I am doing finance, it is something that I look for in the borrowers. Are the people determined to succeed and pay the mortgage, or will near enough be good enough and will they give up easily. If they are not determined, the chances of a mortgage default rise rapidly.

Determination is also something that everyone needs. We need to cultivate it in our families and really develop it in ourselves. It is something we need to think about and create in our minds and realise that determination to get through a difficult situation will set us apart.

In summary life's tough, get over it. The decisions we make every day will affect our future, but the thing that will keep us going and keep us ahead of the rest is our level of determination. Cultivate determination in yourself, in your staff, and in your family: it is essential to survival and prosperity.


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