You can make a difference

With New Zealand and the world all becoming more "politically correct" (PC), how can we as individuals make a difference in New Agriculture?

With mounting pressure on farmers and the tightening margins, many farmers are finding the business tougher and more demanding.

There is pressure for a 4% increase in production per annum by Fonterra and pressure from other service providers like Dexel. Add to that there are other pressures, like "what do the neighbours think?", or super herds with high cow numbers and kilograms per hectare etc.

Even with all these pressures, you can make a difference by looking at your own business and thinking about what is more important to you. What are your key drivers, what makes you tick and what makes you happy? Is it:
    kg per cow
    kg per hectare
    Nice looking stock
    Maximum money in the bank
    New Vehicles
    Lots of grass
    Stock breeding etc.
Remember you can only change the things that you can control, ie. on-farm issues. Some of the things that we can't control are:
    The pay-out (you are a price taker)
    The Government (although many would)
    The weather (the weather will be the weather)
    Your farm (that's another issue).
So we need to accept the things we cannot change, stop moaning and groaning about them and focus on the things we can change.

By now, you should be getting the picture on how to get things a bit more under control. This should start to make a difference. You will find that as you start to change the things you can, you will begin to feel better and more empowered.

We can make a difference by treating our staff better, looking after our stock better, electing to take more focused time off with our families etc.

We can also make a difference by standing up for:
    What we believe in
    Our standards
    Our expectations
I have started indicating to people who are dropping rubbish, swearing etc. in the street that it is not acceptable behaviour. Yes I get some abuse, but should we all just stand back and let the minority rule?

If everybody made comments and stood up for what they believed in, society would force some improvements.

In summary, every one of us can make a difference. We need to believe in ourselves, our farms, our people and our country. We need to know that we can make a difference by being true to ourselves and our beliefs.


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