Help celebrate your successes and take pride

Life's tough, there is no denying that, but to obtain a better perspective on life, we need to celebrate our successes.

We need to have:

Improved communication. This includes talking about the tough bits. Call a meeting with your family, your team and/or your professional advisors.
Fun. Take the boat out, laugh, roll in the grass, go on holiday, spend time with happy people. A good laugh is one of the most therapeutic things we can do.
Family. Put some time aside for the family. Go out together, have meaningful conversations. Talk about how important your family really is. Get a better perspective of what your family really means to you, because without family, life gets pretty lonely. Try asking somebody who has been through a matrimonial break-up for advice on this matter.
Friends. Call them up, go and see them. Share your successes and laugh about them. Good friends are very important to success.

Take pride. Many farmers don't want to look back on their achievements, or are you someone who is really proud of them? Does your pride follow through to a proper succession plan to pass your assets on? Pride will also elevate your "feel good" factor and raise the endorphins in your system. Take time to remember what you have accomplished and be proud of your achievements. A photograph album is good for that.

Promote the role of achievement to your family. Try to get them to be proud people too, not only of you but also of themselves. Be proud of what you have got and enjoy it. Build a network of proud people. Only associate with people who have pride and are positive. There is nothing like negativity and lack of pride to drag you down.

Talk to the old generation too. They have seen more and have a greater sense of wellbeing and achievement than those who are young and inexperienced. We can all look around for examples of people who celebrate their successes and take pride. Use these people as role models and try to copy them.

In summary, celebrate your successes and take pride in what you do. Enjoy the moments and get some good feelings going, then take some time to share your feelings with others. The results may astound you.


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