If I am working so hard, why am I so poor?

Many farmers and non-farming people alike work long hours, and very hard for relatively little gain.

A lot of this goes back to our schooling, and the people of influence around us when we were young and had an easily influenced mind.

"Get a secured job, work hard and you will be successful". That was how most of us were brought up. We often mimic the ideals of our parents, who influenced our early thinking. If you look at school teachers who are educating our children, they are often very security conscious.

"Get an education, become a teacher, work hard, earn a stable income, provide a service to the community, have a freehold house to retire in and retire on some savings plus the pension". That's fine, but is that the way the educators of our children are thinking?

Now a few teachers break out of that mould and go off and create a property portfolio by using their teachers' salary as a back stop for their property assets.


Many people lament that they are not interested in money anyway. There are more important things than money, but whether we like it or not, money gives you options and time.

You basically go off and work your whole life for money, yet you say you are not interested in it.


It is also not to blame others for your lack of money or your feeling of hopelessness. I used to blame the government, the system, my parents, but it is all a waste of time. You may as well have blamed the dog. It is no use blaming other people or making excuses for your plight.


"Build a bridge and get over it", so the saying goes. I use this a lot actually. If you are unhappy, feel isolated, poor, or down trodden, get over it. Take some action to improve your plight.


Action cures fear and insecurity etc. Look at the people who are making it happen. They are taking action. It is no use taking action just for a few weeks and then giving up.

It is about consistent and applied action over your lifetime. It's no use having a rush of blood to the head, taking an action for 3 weeks and then getting tired. Create some stickability, determination and action.

Another way to look at life is to role model really successful people, and look at what they do with their lives. Successful people are always full of action. They are always doing something, following through, creating something and working at things.

There is also the old adage of "ask a busy person if you want something done", and that is true to, because it is the busy people that are taking the action.


Create some gratitude in your life. Be thankful that you are alive and grateful that you are in the most beautiful country in the world. You will feel better immediately.

Try saying thank you to the people who are around you, your boss, your staff or your partner. Your boss might be so impressed that you are thankful he might even give you a rise. Why, because everybody wants to be appreciated. It is a human need.

If you give that appreciation to the people around you, you may be surprised with what comes back to you. Appreciation of course must be genuine, and there are examples in the rural community where people who have been genuinely grateful, have been given opportunities beyond their wildest dreams.

I know that when we bought our first dairy farm we were humble and grateful to the lady who owned the farm. We said we would like to have bought her property, but we couldn't afford it. She asked us how much we had and could we add a bit more. She left the rest of the money in the property on first mortgage at a very realistic rate.

Now that was all about seizing the opportunity, taking action and being grateful to the lady in question, which gave us a big start in life.

I see it with my work as well. People like to help other people, and if you are grateful you are given opportunity.

In summary, working hard may not necessarily make you wealthy or happy for that matter. We need to change the way we think. Stop blaming and making excuses. We need to get over it, take action and be grateful. You see it's all about how you look at life. Some people see a problem, while others see opportunity.


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