The only thing to fear is fear itself

I recently attended the ASB Agribusiness conference in Blenheim and the issue of fear kept coming up.

Dennis Avery, Director and Senior Fellow of the Centre for Global Food Issues spoke at length on the global warming trap. The media and the Green Movement are using fear to get our noses in the trap. They are telling us the world is heating up, the seas are going to cover the low lying land, and that the planet we live on is over populated, and so on.

There is evidence, which is quite compelling, that the world is cooling rapidly.
    Sea levels stopped rising in 2003.
    Temperatures are falling sharply and are the equivalent to temperatures in the 1940's.
    Coastlines are not shrinking.
    The world ice is not melting. The Arctic, which contains 90% of the global ice, is growing at 45 Billion tonnes per annum.
    Oceans are losing heat; there are no worsening storms or blizzards. We just see more of them in the media than before. Once no one outside the immediate area of devastation knew about a great flood or storm. Now it is world news, which feeds the fear.
    So which evidence do you believe?
How long do temperatures have to go down before we admit the earth is cooling, not warming? Fear has been used to trick us into the Kyoto Agreement when evidence shows the opposite.

Dr William Tan, who completed 7 marathons in 27 days in 7 continents in a wheelchair with polio and is now battling leukaemia spoke extensively on beating fear. He said we need to break out of our comfort zone and stop blaming and beat the fear. He gave some real life examples. Fear it, but do it anyway.

There is now fear around the recession. Yes it will be tough and yes there will be people who lose a lot, but that is no reason to stall, to worry and stop living. Don't waste a good recession. We need to step over our fear and move forward.

Another way of looking at it is to identify what we are fearful of, pin it down and step over it. Action cures fear.

You see this issue addressed often on reality TV. They identify people with a fear and then get them to embrace the fear, take action to eliminate the fear and step over it.

Land is a scarce resource and should be treated as such. Food prices have risen sharply on the back of the diversion of land to ethanol production, particularly in the US. The world wants and needs our good quality food.

Sales people use fear to sell to farmers as well. If you don't use XY product then your production will fall, your cows will get sick and so on. And yes, we do get sucked in. Another example is when you are about to stall on the purchase of another farm property or argue the price and suddenly a cash buyer pops up from nowhere. You are frightened into signing a contract for fear of losing the property of your dreams. There has been the occasional person who signed what should have been a conditional contract, but have gone unconditional for fear of losing it only to face the consequences later. Suddenly that cash buyer vanishes and you are left wondering what happened.

Fear is everywhere and we need to understand that fear is a driving force. Sales people use fear, parents use fear, everybody uses fear as a way of getting what they want.


In summary we need to realise that fear is everywhere and it is being used on us by everybody we deal with. The media is trying to sell papers and use fear to sell them. People seem to be immersed in loving to read about things that make them frightened. Have you noticed that T.V programmes use a fear a lot?

We need to identify what we fear. Get a realistic view, conquer the fear and move on. We need to understand that it is a powerful tool in making us submissive and weak. The only thing to fear is fear itself.


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