A follow up to no. 231 “Success in Business”

In that article, I looked at the need for a vision, the shift that must occur, the strategy to get there and the result of knowing when you have arrived.

With New Zealand's economic tide changing, there is a lot of doom and gloom out there. Even I talk about how the fundamentals of the economy are all out of line.

Often, people ask me, "Will New Zealand get a soft or hard landing?" In fact, Will the landing rip the undercarriage right off the plane?

It not pretty and all economic commentators have an opinion but whichever way you look at it, our economy is 'pointing south'.

Without exception, most farmers are well informed on the political and economic scene. Their feelings of good and bad can easily go with the news or chatter they are receiving.

Here is the point; you must hang on to the vision, where are you heading and what are you trying to achieve?

Tougher times require you to hold the vision rather than let it go. When it gets tough, we should just go harder!

We all have that little chatter box on our shoulder sending us fail or succeed chatter. You are originally able to select what goes into your mind. You can choose to have negative thoughts or positive ones. You really need to make the choice each day when you waken.

What I am saying is; Would you and I up and throw a handful of sand in the sump of our trusty 4wheel drive bike? No. Well why throw negative sand in your mind. It is about choice and vision.

If you hold to your vision and stay positive in a declining market, you will see opportunities that others miss. In adversity, there is always opportunity often more than when things are flying.

If you really have, a hard landing, but you have held onto your vision, commodity prices will rise on the back of a softened New Zealand dollar and that means that you are off again making good money.


When the going gets tough and the tough gets going, remain alert, keep the sand out of your mental crankcase and hold your vision.

It is your vision that will carry you through. Remember, there is often more opportunity in a bear market than in a bull market.


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