Success in Business

I recently heard an address by Craig Wormald who is a life coach and support person for people in business and his presentation was realistic in terms of what you need to do to be more successful in business.

How do you make it work? What is the process? How can you make the changes?


Life is a journey and a process and how do you get from A to B. It is not all fun working long hours on dairy farms for minimal wages, and trying to get ahead is not easy. You need a plan and you need to be able to see where you are going. What is your destination and where are you headed? It could be from poverty to prosperity or it could just be all a personal challenge. A very good example is Mr. Hubbard who owns the substantial finance company in the South Island. His vision and drivers were that he was very poor as a child and he never wanted to be there again. That gave him the vision to be so successful.

You often meet very successful people who always have a vision of what they are trying reach. You must be able to see the vision for yourself; it must be achievable and fixed in your mind.


A shift is how it happens to you. The shift is actually something that goes on in your mind. The shift is actually something that goes on in your mind and something you can think about is 'if it's going to be, it's up to me.' If you are going to make a shift, you have to do it.

As Craig said "don't leave the car in park, you need to put it in drive to move forward." Another way of looking at it is many people spend their life asleep and need to wake up. People need to be awake and take every opportunity that passes them by so life is a choice of being awake or asleep in everyday life.

In my own situation, I had some significant difficulty and that is what motivated me to be more successful and apply myself harder to what I was doing. Before that, I was asleep like many people.


The strategy in farming is – how do you actually get there? How do you get the job done? What do you need to do? Do you need to work harder, be smarter, and call better professionals? Do you need to seek wise counsel? Do you need to study at University, do a dairying Diploma. Does it mean selling the existing farm and replacing it with a bigger one? Does it mean changing from dairying into some other form of business? Does it mean changing the way you do things to make things go better?

The strategy is often difficult to apply and you sometimes need to employ professionals to help you with your strategy.

What do you need to do to get where you are going? Once you decide what you need to do, how do you implement and get those things done to reach your goals?

Some people spend time creating the strategies. Strategies often include change and again more difficult times. After you apply yourself to your strategies, you will inevitably get to where you want to go.


You have made all the changes in your farming business and your farming life so how do you measure them, how do you know when you actually

A very good example Craig gave, was (and it refers to the people who were asleep) are you going to pull out into the flow of traffic or the flow of life, or are you going to stay where you are?

There are many in the world with good intentions who achieve nothing. To get better results, you need to take action. The results you get, maybe better finances, better relationships, achieving your goals. Everybody wants to progress in life and that is why society has built itself so quickly from upright monkey to society as we know it today.


The process of life or the journey using vision, shift, strategy and results are a simple way of trying to improve. This can apply to any industry, but is particularly pertinent to the agricultural sector and does require this process to achieve your goals. We need to pull out into the flow of life and feel the fear and do it anyway.

We must progress; otherwise, we will be the type of people who wondered what happened rather than those who made it happen.


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